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Oral Sex


Straight Sex

Spice it Up!

Anal Sex



Most of us were brought up to believe that masturbation is wrong, dirty and shameful. Some parents go to considerable lengths to stop little boys and girls from touching their "private parts" thereby laying the foundations for lifelong feelings of guilt and embarrassment. As puberty comes along we begin a pattern of locking ourselves away in the bathroom or bedroom to examine our genitals and experiment with those "forbidden" but highly pleasurable sensations. This can lead to deep personal anxiety and shame, even seriously affecting our relationships in adult life.
On these telephone advice lines, different methods and techniques are explained as you learn how to cultivate your sexual sensitivity, develop sexual energy to revitalise the body, and learn ejaculatory control, all through the erotic ecstasy of guilt-free self pleasuring.

Masturbation for Men

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Masturbation for Women

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Oral Sex

Think of your mouth, lips and tongue as a combination of sex organs.
Oral sex is perfectly normal and natural and when done properly is a delightful and exciting experience for both giver and receiver, man and woman alike. Learn how to use this most versatile set of equipment to touch, kiss, taste, suck, lick and flick to drive your partner wild.

Ultimate Oral Sex Techniques

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Men's and women's orgasms are completely different. If a man's goal during sexual intercourse is purely to achieve his own orgasm, the chances are he will never bring his partner to a satisfactory climax. Likewise if a woman fails to understand her man's basic instincts and needs she will be unable to communicate with him about her own. Here you can learn how, with or without a mans help, a woman can achieve improved and even multiple orgasms. And men can learn why and how to delay their own ejaculation to enhance both partner sex and self-pleasuring.

Improving Female Orgasm

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Delaying Male Orgasm

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Premature Ejaculation

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Straight Sex

A few of the things you thought you knew about straight sexual intercourse and didn't! Why foreplay is so important and the simple tricks you need to know to drive your partner wild with desire. Learn why and how to adopt different positions in love-making, what they achieve and how to recognise the ones which are most satisfying for you and your partner.

Vaginal Sexual Intercourse

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Foreplay, Why and How

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Sex Positions Explained

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Spice Up Your Sex Life

To keep our relationships as fresh and sparkling as they were at the beginning, or indeed to build on that early excitement and develop an ever more satisfying and vibrant sex-life, we need to constantly stoke up the fires of interest and desire. Here are just a few titillating ideas to bring a new dimension to your sexual endeavours turning them from the routine to the adventurous! Also how you can introduce sexual fantasy into your lovemaking. When, where and how to play mind games with your partner and yourself to transport you both into a state of mental ecstasy leading to mind-blowing sexual fulfilment.

Imaginative Ideas for Sex

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Sexual Fantasies

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Mutual Masturbation

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Anal Intercourse

The concept of anal sex carries with it many taboos and myths for both straight and gay people. For some there is the memory of a bad experience, never to be repeated. For others there are boundaries set in childhood. Nevertheless many people, again both men and women, straight and gay, enjoy anal sex as part of their normal love-making. Here some of the myths and taboos are explained and advice offered on how to give and receive it both pleasurably and safely.

Safe Anal Sex

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Female Bisexuality

Many women claim to be Bisexual. Learn here what it means, how it manifests itself, and who it affects. Understand its role in male/female relationships and how to deal with its implications for the straight partner.

Female Bisexuality

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